Ayurveda Yoga TTC (Teacher Training Certification)

Healing Alchemy Leadership Course

Enrollment is now open for the 26th class

Commonly Asked Questions~
1) Are the leadership classes taught in Korean? Yes. The classes are taught in Korean, but there is always a translator (at least one^^) who will help out. Also, if you want to improve your Korean this is a really good way. It is important to note that knowledge of Korean is not necessary.

**This applies to Classic yoga classes (excluding Saturday English yoga classes) at the studio as well. The classes are taught in Korean, but as you take classes you can observe other students, as well as the teacher. Megan is at the yoga studio for most of the day and can answer any questions you have.

2) How long does that course run? 7 months… You can join at any time. There are three reports during a semester. They are required to receive certification from the Yoga Leadership course. At graduation, if you meet the requirements for the Yoga Leadership course, you will receive a certificate of completion. Once you graduate you can have the opportunity to continue to attend the course on Saturdays for no extra fee. Also, if you like to celebrate and explore yoga in a more relaxed environment, sometimes after class we go out to celebrate/have an extended class (drinking optional ('u'))

3) When and where are the classes? The courses are Saturdays, excluding the first Saturday of every month. The Therapy course, which meets in Siji, runs from 10am-1pm. The Yoga Leadership class, which meets in Manchon, runs from 4pm to 7pm. In between teachers usually go out to lunch together, but you are free to do anything you want between programs.

4) Do I have to take both parts (Therapy and Yoga Leadership)? The choice is yours. If time is a concern of yours and you want part of you Saturday free you can take 1 part or you could take 1 part for 6 months and then after completing the first part you could switch and take the second part at no additional charge. The course fee pays for both parts.

If you are interested in more information, email Megan at megan.deutsch@gmail.com

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