About Our Classes

*This information is to help you make an educated choice about the right class for you

-Every class is 60 min (except Classic Level 2, which is 90 min) but may be expanded by 10-15 min.
-Class, like an orchestra’s performance, there is a connection through the flowing.  For a greater satisfaction and effect, don’t miss the beginning and ending rest time.
-Before class starts, watch your condition and emotional state today. Also, if you have a disease or injury, tell the teacher immediately.
-So that your body can rest and so that you are comfortable during practice, wear lose and light clothes :) More than anything, come with an open mind. Forget the things from yesterday, let go of your depressed state today. From yesterday’s worries and anxieties, come back to here and now. Open your heart, so that this time that you chose becomes a chance for you to grow and transform. Into the special break that Ayurveda gives to only you ~

Ayurveda’s Signature program! It is based on traditional yoga, Tantrism, and it consists of about 20 important postures, which are the very basic among the 84,000,000 yoga asanas that exist. You can improve your strength to allow you to find your BodyMind balance on your own through a repeated regular practice. The easy postures have strong healing effects. Body scan and Chakra tuning at the beginning of class lead the practitioner from the complex outside world to the special healing space of yoga by awakening body sensation, and bringing consciousness back inside. During the breathing practice time, with Ayurveda’s 15 years of know-how, we can watch the energy flow of our body and subtle parts of the mind.
We recommend this class for yoga beginners and practitioners who want a deep taste of traditional yoga, yoga teachers who want traditional Hatha yoga practice after practicing modern yoga techniques.
*All programs of Ayurveda are based on yoga philosophy and the vision of our Classic yoga.

Brahmamuhurta. Start every day with awakened consciousness! This is Morning Classic yoga, which awakens you silently in the sacred dawn as the world sleeps.

Classic yoga and various postures are mixed harmoniously and bring out the hidden powerful energy inside of you. You will scrub away your unnecessary emotions and you will feel a fresh and lighter body like showing through sweating.

“Nipata” means collection… A self-development class with Ayurveda’s Classic yoga as a tool. In this class the core theme of yoga philosophy and theory, alternative medical science, psychological theory, which is difficult to experience in general yoga class, will be comprehended through easy language that everyone can understand, sometimes through metaphor and stories.
Understanding from this class can occur through changes in my body directly, and lets you out from your shaking mind, unnecessary desire, which are the basic reasons that make you struggle with outside, so that you can enjoy this moment freely.
This class is suggested as a yogic solution to allow you to reduce your desire and make your experience of life abundant.
Hatha yoga, Raja yoga, Kundalini yoga, Tantra yoga, Body work therapy, Zen Counseling, etc. are intermixed. If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner, who wants to practice yoga sincerely, and/or a previous/current yoga teacher, you should come!

We have divided Basic class into two, relax and firm, based on yoga tradition, “asana is steady and comfortable.”
Relax – the Classic yoga sequence is the base of this class, it focuses on a comfortable feeling in the yoga posture and deep and steady breathing.
Allow your exhausted BodyMind to stop for a while and experience self-healing in deep relaxation that brings you the possibility of infinite transformation, like: a comfortable mind, moments of no-thinking according to the experiences of yogis.
By repeating the same postures, the change that you can feel your body from your body connects to your life naturally, and so that you can reach the level where you can observe and align your unbalanced posture or pain on your own.  Every practitioner is welcome who wants to raise their power of control over their body and thoughts, who wants to make their own yoga practice more sophisticated.

It is inspired by K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga yoga, which is the basis of modern Vinyasa yoga and has been reconstructed to be level specific with Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Sun Salutation A, B. Especially the connection of breathing, postures, and movement are emphasized, especially so that you can find your own Vinyasa Flow in a meditative experience that transcends the dimension of BodyMind. All levels can come, including beginners.
Vinyasa Ο – Mixing Sun Salutation A, B, Classic yoga, and Yin yoga. An American teacher will teach this class in English.

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