Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ayurveda's Annual Yearly Membership Discount!!!~

January 2018 Schedules!!!~




Happy New Year!!!~

Hope you have a happy and abundant New Year!~ 

See for classes from 01/02/18 (Tues.)

Friday, December 29, 2017

No 8:50AM English Yoga Class this Saturday (12/30)!~

There will be 
8:50AM English Yoga Class 
this Saturday (12/30)

Happy New Year!~ 
See you in 2018!~ :)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

There will be NO Saturday 8:50AM Class until October 14th

There will be NO Saturday 8:50AM Class until October 14th in alignment with the start of the 25th Teacher Training Course. Everyone who is participating in the Massage for Yoga Workshop--- See you this weekend at the Manchon Center.😊 

The Chuseok Holiday will be from October 2-9, 2017

Chuseok Holiday :
October 2~9, 2017

Sunday, September 3, 2017

September 2017 Schedule




Thursday, August 17, 2017

Our Teacher, Michelle, in Iceland!~

Michelle has been globe trotting for the last almost 2 months and she shared these fun photos from her adventure in Iceland ^_^

See you soon, Michelle~

Paul's PT1:1 Personal Training~

Paul has been playing with Utthita Salabhasana during PT1:1 Personal Training~~~

He wants to use this as his progress shot to see where he goes from here :)

Excited to see~

Leadership Members staying connected via Skype~

On Fridays at 8AM 
there is a Skype yoga class 
for Leadership members who live far away~

We've been using our phones to connect ;)

During Yoga Teacher Training : Headstand~

The Power of PT1:1 Personal Training

Personal Training :

What happens when I start to become more conscious of my bodymind?

Understanding and transformation.

The picture below is a 


4 sessions of PT1:1 Personal Training

I can't wait to see what comes!~

Friday, August 11, 2017

Ayurveda Yoga CLOSED 8/15 (Tuesday) in observance of Korean Independence Day

Happy weekend!~
Next week, Tuesday, August 15th (8/15) Ayurveda Yoga will be closed in observance of Korean Independence Day.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thailand for Michael and Nitcha's Wedding 6.2017

 Michael and Nitcha!~


Wonjangnim, Bowonjangim, Aarti, Jimin, Amie, MichelleNT, and Megan
went to Bangkok, Thailand 
to celebrate with one of our teachers, Michael, at his wedding :)

June 6th : 

Our first accommodation right on the river ;) 

Wonjangnim had arrived early and organized 'Welcome food'

The view from Klapson's on the River

The living room

Waiting for the boat to head to Pad Thai and Khao san Road

The river and our residence's boat

Walking onto the boat~

It was very spacious ;)

The next river boat, not so much ;) hehe

Enjoying the refreshing breeze

Tuktuk time!~

We managed to seat 5 in a tuktuk ;)

They asked what country we are from and then gave us a Korea sticker ;)

This place was listed as a delicious restaurant on the internet and I get why!!!~ :)

All the pad thai!~~~

Cheers to our first meal in Thailand, June 2017

Look at those chunks of oranges!!!~

Walking around Khao san Road

Wonjangnim introduced us to a great massage shop on Khao san Road

We were all ready for our massages :)

Coconut ice cream on Khao san Road

Khao san Road's atmosphere

Enjoying some vegetarian food at a small cafe down an alley near Khao san Road

Back to the residence to call it a night~

June 7th :

Morning practice!~ Rise and shine^^

The gym was a little crowded so we moved the practice outside

Jimin teacher

Jimin teacher

Jumping Jimin!~

Megan teacher

Megan teacher

Megan teacher

Megan teacher

More jumping!~

Yogic reading ;) hehe

And relaxing poolside!~ hehe

We headed to Chinatown and ate some really delicious food!~

Then we went to a department store and enjoyed some great food!~

We finished off the night with pizza~ This was definitely also a food tour ;)

June 8th :

Do to the crowded gym we decided to stay in and practice

We utilized the double balcony feature at The River ;)

Aarti teacher captured our practice a bit~

We headed to the Wat Po Massage School to enjoy relaxing massages

This trip was full of fresh pomegranate juice~

While traveling via tuktuk, the sky opened and it poured~ Luckily we were all there to lend a hand ;)

Meanwhile, Michelle and Amie were adventuring in a different art of Thailand!~

And doing some riverside yoga :)

June 9th :

They arrived at the 2nd accommodation before us, so we go this great selfie ;)

Reunion at the Marriott Marquis, Queen's Park!~

Amie teacher

Michelle teacher

Michelle teacher

At Oasis getting ready for massages!~

I think most of us enjoyed at least a massage a day ;)

Grabbing Italian for dinner

At Michael's pre-wedding celebration dinner!~

Aarti teacher got kissed by a puppet!!!~

June 10 :

The resort where the wedding was!~

Getting ready for the big event!~

The beautiful bride~

Good people :)

Breakfast at the wedding!~

Gathered and ready to walk with the groom to get his bride :)

Michael had to travel through 3 'gates' to then find his wife

Michael rapped and I'm bummed I missed capturing a video!!! ;)

Blessing the bride and groom

Jimin teacher caught the bouquet... Her response: I knew I'd catch it ;) haha

Moon Bar!~

Post cheers!~

We were enjoying a cocktail/mocktail at Moon Bar when suddenly the dark sky decided it was time to unleash a down pour, which left us running, with drinks in hand, for shelter... Not to return for the rest of the trip ;)  Down in the lobby they provided towels, which was cool ;)

Best spa I've been to in Thailand!~ Great therapist, service, and atmosphere ^^

They sent me home with the herb balls from my treatment :)

June 11:

The last day!~ I only managed 1 shot of all of the amazing food that was offered at the Marriott Marquis Queen's Park breakfast... It was the best buffet I've ever been to :)

We went to the Veganerie Conception, which would have taken us about 50 min round trip to get to because we would have had to go around a park, but the staff at the Marriott Marquis Queen's Park guided us through a cool back gate and it ended up taking just about 3 minutes to get to!~~~

We made it back to Korea... And slept on the bus in preparation for the long day ahead ^_^

The trip was a blast!~ 
So glad we got to share Michael and Nitcha's special day and enjoy a lot of great experiences in Bangkok :)

When shall we go again?!~ ;)