Sunday, May 29, 2016

22nd Healing Alchemy Course Graduation Party 5.28.16

We celebrated 
the 22nd Semester Healing Alchemy Course (YTTC)
with a graduation party
@ Ayurveda Yoga Retreat, Gyeongsan Center

Welcome to the Ayurveda Yoga Retreat, Gyeongsan Center

The first floor studio

flower cone ;)

rice cake

So many beautiful flowers

The kitchen

Shoes off to go inside~

The lounge

The entry

Welcome to the 2nd floor

Sumi teacher striking a pose~

Jimin teacher's asana

Satya teacher is ready for graduation!~

Michelle arrived ready for EVERYTHING^^

Setting up~

The lovely Sumi teacher

Josette and Minkyung teacher

Selfie time~

The table settings

Everyone is arriving~


<3 p="">


Setting up the space~

All the petals~

Good vibrations~

 Celebrating the 22nd semester~~~


The table is filling up~

Hanging out by the kitchen~

Artistic chocolate cake~

Watching the food ;) It's almost time!~

Feast time!~

Michelle made traditional pudding with a vegan twist!~ :)

The spread~

Looking up!~

And down!~ Heeeeey, ladies!!!~ :)

With full bellies and warm hearts~

Jihye teacher is too happy ;)

Rooftop access!~~~

Watching the sunset


Night shot!~


Checking out the view!~

Good night, Ayurveda Yoga Retreat