Wednesday, August 26, 2015


On the day she graduated from the Healing Alchemy Course, she also guided her first class~~~ Congratulations and love to you, Michelle!~ 


Not only did this daring woman graduate from the Healing Alchemy Course yesterday... But she also came into her first unassisted headstand!~ Congratulations, Meg^^ We love you!~

Meg and Michelle's Healing Alchemy Graduation 8.22.15

Body Opening 2 Class (Ayurveda Massage School)

This kind of thing happens~~~

Yesterday was Meg and Michelle's last day...
When we said "Goodbye," it was a very sad moment...
Tears were falling, and it was raining...
Before going to my academy, when Amie and I went to buy a cup of coffee 
suddenly my umbrella broke...
It was my first time seeing an umbrella break this way and it was hilarious...
We laughed a lot~~~
In a moment huge sadness can be transformed into huge happiness...
It had been a fun several months with Meg and Michelle,
and now more than sadness, I feel gratitude in my heart.

So before going to my academy, I quickly went to Daiso
to buy a new umbrella.
When I walked in, the Daiso employee saw me
fumbling and failing to close my broken umbrella.
She took the broken umbrella and
dissappeared out the door... 
I had no idea where she went,
but I bought a new umbrella and walked
comfortably to my academy~~~

After a few hours, Amie sent me this picture:

"I'm guessing you stopped at Daiso for a new one?" ;)


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ayurveda's Yoga Teacher Training has year-round open enrollment ^_^

Have you ever thought about being a yoga teacher?
There is no better time than now~

Come by the Siji Center anytime for a consultation, 
and begin your journey~

One of our youngest members ^_^

Minseo in a 
Bhujangasana variation ^_~

Jimin's Yoga Expression

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Extreme Meditation 7.24-8.2.2015 -- Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand --

Ready for the trip!~ Amie made us all bracelets for the trip!~

Headstanding at Incheon airport!~

At the airport for a looooong layover before heading to Phuket!~


Our first dinner in Phuket... on the water!~

Early morning practice~

At the pool!~ Time to train :)

Heading to the boat to dive in the ocean!~

Looking at the photos from diving~


Our last dinner in Phuket... A BBQ feast!~

At the airport in Phuket... About to head to Bangkok

We arrived at the Sofitel So, Bangkok :)

Sudden rain!~

Water CST at the pool of the Sofitel So, Bangkok:

Heading to Khaosan Road:

Coconut ice cream~

Amie and Sammie visited a fish spa on Khaosan Road

Eating local!~ Enjoying a Thai feast~

Wonjangnim helped set up the tarp when it suddenly started raining~

The tuk-tuk race ;)

Hanging out in the 25th floor lounge~

Getting ready to go to Korea!~