Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Traditional Thai Massage

It's summer... 

What better way to take a mini-vacation than a traditional Thai massage?~ 

*2-hour sessions scheduled at your convenience
*sessions available Monday-Friday 10am-10pm
 (**Saturday appointments possible depending therapist availability)
*packages: 1 session- 80,000won/ 10 sessions- 700,000won
*Call 053-793-1358 or email: to schedule a session

All-Night Meditation: 8/1,8/8, 8/15, 8/22 -- Fridays 11PM-6AM

If Asana is meditation of the body,

then meditation is Asana of the soul.

Pranayama is the power that blossoms yoga.

For the month of August,
there will be All Night Meditation 
at Ayurveda Yoga Manchon Center.

8/1, 8, 15, 22 
11:00PM Friday night - 6:00AM

Intensive yoga through meditation and breathing!
Please participate ~~~~~~~~

**This program can be difficult, but everyone is welcome... Please keep in mind, when you decide to participate, you are committing to staying until 6AM when the program finishes.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Extreme Meditation in Thailand --July 18-27, 2014

Tea time at our hotel in Bangkok

KonggiSsem found a hat ;)

Clown fish~~~


The top floor of our hotel in Bangkok~ Also, a 5-star restaurant ^_~

Getting oriented with Phuket Town

Early morning headstand~

Om meditation at sunset~

A road near our hotel in Phuket

Beach yoga in Phuket

Yuna came through customs when we did... The screaming fans were a little intense ;)

Fruit stand in Phuket~ Delicious, cheap fruit~

Karon Beach, Phuket

Free cocktails at Happy Hour in Bangkok

Rice noodle soup!~

Pool side yoga, Bangkok

top of the world ;) hehe

MiJeongSsem making art from Jenga pieces

On the boat, getting ready to dive~

Bazoom Haus, Phuket

KonggiSsem with her BCD looking professional ;)

Massage room at our hotel in Bangkok

Dive Certified: Open Water ^_^

Practice Pool, Phuket

Water CST at our hotel in Bangkok

Beach yoga, Phuket

Getting a massage at Let's Relax in Bangkok

Studying before the Open Water test~

View of Phuket

Jumping in~


Practicing with a compass

Best restaurant in Phuket (at least, I think so ;) Heyhey)


Water CST, Bangkok

Water taxi, Bangkok!~ ^_^

Time to clean the scuba gear after a day of diving~

Elephant shrine

Yoga time on the beach~

Food cart, YUM!~

The lounge at the massage shop in our hotel, Bangkok

Receiving our diving certification 

Playing in the pool!~

Our very tall hotel ;)

The open sea in Phuket~

Shopping in Phuket!~

One of our diving spots~

Our last "Cheers!"

Certified divers ^_^

The flight back from 10 days of EXTREME~

Back to Korea~