Monday, March 31, 2014

April 2014 schedules!~ :)



Yoga Camp: April 26~27, 2014

Facing the world that surrounds me
 stopping with arms reaching out.

meaning the tree that has let itself go to the breeze
meaning the wide opening of a flower touched by the morning sun
Like the hands of a mom touching a baby

From my center to your center..

 This camps theme is "Art of Touch"

Flowering spring,  April 26th~27th

Muju. A cool meditation center in the forest

Participation fee
Early Bird : If you register and pay until 4/13  130,000won (after that + 20,000won)
The program + lodging + meals are included
(Bank account : Daegu Bank 508-11-282361-3 Jeong Woo Young) 
*Transportation fee is sperate- We are thinking about either carpool or depending on the number of participants, renting a large bus*

What to prepare
Everyone can participate.
But it is first-come-first serve for 40 people~ Register quickly^^

And what to prepare for yourself..
- a large towel
- personal toiletries
- Come wearing clothes that are comfortable for yoga, meditation and resting.
-  For coldness in mountain, bring warm clothes 
-If you prepare a meditation shawl it will be comfortable for many things... covering, wrapping, laying down~~~
- You need it for yoga time or while sitting.You will also need a personal yoga mat!
and most importantly, also with an OPEN MIND!!!


Through yoga and meditation 

experiencing the art of touch.

**If you are curious about anything, anytime, ask at the front desk~ 053)793-1358/752-6889

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Family Constellation Sessions

Dr. Hellinger, from Germany, began this new psychological treatment.
Worldwide, there are over 40 countries that have consultants and psychologists using this effective healing treatment to solve the cause of a variety of problems: Personal mental and physical issues, relationship difficulties, and family issues.

The 3rd Saturday of every month, in the morning at the Siji Center (dependent on the number of people who are interested in for sessions)


What is dealt with:
- Family relationships: parents-children, brothers and sisters, spousal difficulties
- General relationships: trouble with a partner, work place/school social troubles…
-Bodily/Mental diseases symptoms: obesity, under-eating/over-eating, atopy, infertility,
alcohol addiction, addiction to games, melancholia, OCD, anger issues, autism, ADHD, growth development, panic attacks, chronic stress, weak back...

If you or someone you know is interested in a session, email: