Monday, September 26, 2011

2 Hour Seated Meditation!~ FRIDAY 09/30/2011

2-Hour Seated Meditation

How will you spend your Friday?
Welcome in the weekend with stillness...

at the Siji Center

Friday -- September 30, 2011



*Please dress comfortably and arrive at least 5 minutes early to get a seat*

Getting there:
Take the subway (green line towards Sawol) and get off at Sinmae (2nd to last stop)... walk up the stairs/escalators and keep to the right. Turn right and walk. You will see a huge advertisement for the studio with one of our teachers on it. Keep walking to the right and take the escalator up. Outback Steak House will be on your right. The road will be on your left. Walk straight. You will see a hospital on you right. Keep walking. You will see more stores and eventually a Baskin Robbins... Keep walking. After Baskin Robbins there will be an open area with fruit stands on the right. On the left will be a big intersection. There will be a building with a glass elevator on the right. There is a pharmacy and Daisso on the first floor. If you pass Kukmin Bank you have gone too far. There is a small circular clothing store attached to the building. Take the elevator to the 7th floor. That is it^^

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yoga Camp... September 24-25, 2011

Yoga Camp: 9/24-25!
Open your warm heart inside of you to let the healing alchemy happen~~~~
From shoddy metal to gold, an old wound in the past to a lotus of light, 
comparison and judgment to deep letting go, great sorrow to moksha, suffering to nirvana, pain to ecstasy, 
time to enternity, death to immortality, past and future are here and now, 
in the space of healing, to receptivity, to sharing, to water, as play..... Om Shanti Shanti!!!


The coming of fall :) the third week in September 24~25th

Muju Farmer’s Cultural Center (
chon )

Registration Fee:
Early Bird : If you register and pay by 9/16--- 130,000won (after the 16th +20,000won)
program + housing + meals are included

We’re going to have to rent a large vehicle :)
(transportation fee will be 15,000~20,000won?)

*To transfer money:
Nong Hyup (농협)
759-02-421380 Megan Renee Deutsch

Anyone who is acquainted with Ayurveda.
Also, there are 40 spaces available~ so register soon!~^^

What to prepare: 
- Personal toiletries 
- Bring comfortable clothes for yoga, meditation, and rest time. 
- During the Forest Healing program (it’s around September^^), prepare and bring warm clothes because it might be cold in the mountains. 
- A Meditation shawl will be very useful in many ways... to cover, to wrap, to lie on~~~ 
- Bring your own yoga mat for yoga time and comfortable sitting 
- Save the Earth!!! We want to reduce use of disposable products, so~ Bring a personal cup^^ 
- Most importantly - bring an OPEN MIND!!!

Program Information:

First Day (9/24 Sat.)

Arrive at the camp site by 9:30 AM 

10:00 Opening
Tarot Card.. Zen tarot card reading. A mirror into the BodyMind
Body Work 1.. The time to stick out my hand to the world that protects me

1:00 Lunch
Purification through an organic vegetarian diet

3:00 Ayurveda Healing Yoga Workshop
Classic Yoga... The healing path through yoga
Yoga Therapy... Q&A

6:00 Dinner
Purification through an organic vegetarian diet

8:00~10:00 Dynamic Ayurveda Yoga
Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, BodyMind Design Yoga
Physical and emotional purification through powerful breathing and asana
~See the sweat drenched BodyMindSoul~

Second Day (9/25 Sun.)

5:00 Brahma-muhurta - Time of God... 
Dawn practice... Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation
Saluting the Sun- Surya Namaskara
Inversions and Mudra- Headstand, Shoulderstand
Breathing meditation- Sitting, Kapalabhati, and AUM
SatKarma- Neti 

6:30 In Nature
Forest Walking & Walking Meditation

7:30 Breakfast
After the morning practice, to start the day gently with a morning yogi diet

9:00 Body Work 2
Craniosacral Therapy.. To help with overall relaxation CV4, AO

12:00 Closing
Sharing and Festival

1:00 Lunch

*The program may be subject to change~
* Everything will be like playing :)
*If you have any questions about this event call Megan: 010-7794-1218 (If she doesn’t answer, please text her your name and include the words “yoga camp”)
*If there are any changes to the schedule or additional information it will be posted on the Facebook Event wall, so please check often~~~


9/24~25 요가캠프

이제.. 요가!
그 치유의 연금술이 일어날 수 있도록 그대 내면의 다정한 가슴을 열어두시라~~
조악한 금속이 황금으로, 과거의 상처가 빛의 연꽃으로, 비교와 판단이 깊은 내맡김으로,
커다란 슬픔이 커다란 변형으로, 괴로움에서 해탈로, 고통에서 무아경으로, 시간에서 영원으로,
죽음에서 불사로, 과거와 미래가 지금 여기에서, 치유의 질 속에서,
수용성으로, 나눔으로, 물로, 놀이처럼... 옴 샨티 샨티!!!

가을이 오는^^ 9월 셋째주 24~25일

무주 농촌생활문화체험관

Early Bird : 9/16까지 신청시 13만원 (그 이후로 +2만원)
프로그램 + 숙박 + 식사 포함입니다

*교통비는 별도
30~45인승 대형차량을 빌려야할 것 같아요^^
(1인당 교통비는 대략 만오천~이만원?)


아유르베다를 아시는 모든 분들 참여하실 수 있습니다.
단, 선착순 40명 있어요~ 빨리 신청하세요^^

그리고 개인적으로 준비해 오실 것들..
- 개인 세면도구
- 요가와 명상에 그리고 휴식에 알맞는 편안한 복장으로 오세요.
- 산 속 추위에(혹시나~ 9월이니까^^) 대비할 수 있는 따뜻한 옷 가져오세요.
- 명상 숄 준비하시면 여러모로 편합니다. 덮고, 두르고, 깔고~~~
- 요가 시간이나 혹은 앉아있을 때 필요할 수 있어요. 개인 요가매트도 필수!
- Save the Earth!! 아픈 지구를 위해 종이컵, 나무젓가락 등 일회용품을 사용하지 않습니다. SO~ 개인 컵을 가져오세요^^
- and 가장 중요한 것 - OPEN MIND도 함께!!

프로그램 소개

첫째날(9/24 토)

오전 9시30분까지 캠프 장소에 도착합니다.

10:00 Opening
타롯카드.. 젠 카운셀링. 몸과 마음을 비추어 보는 내면의 거울
바디워크1.. 나를 감싸고 있는 세상을 향해 가만히 손을 내미는 시간

1:00 점심식사
유기농 채식 식단을 통한 정화

3:00 아유르베다 힐링 요가 워크샵
클래식 요가.. 요가를 통한 치유의 길
요가 테라피.. 질문과 대답

6:00 저녁식사
유기농 채식 식단을 통한 정화

8:00~10:00 다이나믹 아유르베다 요가
하타요가, 쿤탈리니 요가, 바디마인드 디자인 요가
강력한 호흡과 아사나를 통한 육체와 감정의 정화 
~몸마음영혼을 땀으로 흠뻑 적셔 보세요~

둘째날(9/25 일)

5:00 브라흐마무흐르타_신성한 시간
새벽수련.. 요가와 호흡과 명상
떠오르는 태양을 향해 수리야나마스까라
역전의 무드라- 물구나무 서기, 어깨로 서기
호흡과 명상- 싯팅, 카팔라바티, 그리고 AUM
사트까르마- 네티 

6:30 In Nature
숲 속 산책 & 걷기 명상

7:30 아침식사
새벽 수련 후 하루를 가볍게 시작하는 아침 요기식단

9:00 바디워크2
두개천골요법.. 전체적인 이완을 돕는 CV4, AO

12:00 Closing
나눔과 축제

1:00 점심식사

*프로그램은 현지 사정상 변경될 수 있습니다~
모든 것은 놀이처럼^^

*Here are some photos from previous camps!~*

Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2011 Siji Schedule

** Click on the schedules to see larger versions :)

** Special yoga classes are classes that are given free of change when you sign-up as a monthly member (1 month/3 months/6 months/1 year) (*the number of classes gifted depends are the duration of membership)