Monday, April 30, 2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tea :

The taste of today’s tea :
Some night in winter around 5pm
After snow has fallen
The ground is frozen
Next to a forest
The fragrance~

About Last Year's Christmas Party Funds ^_^

Hello~! It’s Taeyeon. ^^Do you remember the Christmas Party last year on December 23, 2017 that was full of warm passion, liveliness, and overflowing energy~?
Through many people’s interest and participation we raised 1,500,000won!!~
When I think about that day my hear beats and a smile comes..^^
I want to tell everyone thank you one more time for making a happy time.
(Especially, I wanted to say thank you so much to Jimin and Megan teacher who headed the PT opportunity!!~)
We contemplated a lot for a long time about how to best use the donations so that they go to a place that really needs it. So I wanted to let you know that we found a place at last!~
The teachers had said they wanted to use the donations for children who need treatment but because of a difficult situation they cannot get that treatment. During the process of looking for a group that works with children, we contacted the Daegu Youth Support Foundation.
Three children with special needs and ADHD were selected, and on 3/5/18 through the name of Ayurveda Yoga, the donations were well received.^^
There is a plan to use this donation for the children’s sensory integration therapy, speech therapy, cognition, behavior therapy, orthodontic correction, and vision correction, etc.

Thai Massage Class is going strong and the teachers are all so diligent!~ :)

Recently Ayurveda has been full of massage energy... Since about 8am there have been teams coming together and practicing the sequence we learn every Saturday~~~ 

So excited for this for this classes' energy!!! Keep it up^^

Body Design will open 5.2~7.27!!!

Body Design is coming back!!!~

May 2-July 27

*June 1, 4, 8, 11, and 15 there will be no class*

2 times to choose from: 

10-11:30AM or 7-8:30PM

at Ayureda Yoga Academy, Siji Center

**Reserve your space ASAP!!!~

Thursday, April 5, 2018

PT1:1 Classes

PT1:1 classes are a great way to achieve your goals quickly. Whether it’s weight loss, posture correction, strengthening, flexibility, healing or deepening your currently practice, 1:1 personal training allows you to set the times and work directly with the teacher ti achieve your goals.
For more information about schedules and programs check out : Ayurveda Yoga Academy and/or PM me directly ☺️

* Also be sure to check out our group: Ayurveda Yoga Academy, Daegu